Profile of the Institute

Our research interests

The José Carreras Institute for Immunology and Gene Therapy is the translational research laboratory of the Clinic for Internal Medicine I of Saarland Medical school. The main interest of the institute is research about the pathogenesis of hematologic and solid neoplasia with a focus on tumor immunology and key oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. Furthermore autoimmune diseases with partially related pathogenesis are studied.


The institute was established in 2005 with the support of the José Carreras Foundation, as well as grants from the federal state and the University of Saarland for the long-standing research lab of the Department of Internal Medicine I. The research focus of the laboratory has been tumor immunology from an early stage. Here, SEREX and modified SEREX procedures have been developed and applied. Beside tumor immunology, p53 and its interaction partners represented another focus of research.


Prof. Dr. Michael Pfreundschuh

† 05.März 2018